DRoss1 Has Charm and Grace from Above

DRoss1 Has Charm and Grace from AboveSmooth operator for the Lord that is what one can refer to DRoss1 Muzic as. He has a vocal gift that is undeniable and shares it with the world through songs like God Can. That track is not only smooth and showcases he natural ability to make you fall in love with a higher power through music, but it is also a reassuring song that can help be the guiding light to anyone and everyone who has lost their way. Deliver Me is yet another one by DRoss1 that can be seen in that same way. Both are great and will remind people of another modern Gospel singer, Derrick Gilbert. When words aren’t there, DRoss1 is still doing what he does with instrumentals of Rock This, which has a very Justin Timberlake vibe, and CrazyGurl. Each song lacks lyrics, but are each great for mood music. Rounding out the tracks is a slow one, 4am. It is not the best, but it just falls short of the others. DRoss1 is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to vocal abilities and charm. Fans of modern Gospel, look out, you have a new artist to add to your world. (https://www.artistpr.com/dross1muzic)