Dub City Delivers Hip-Hop & R&B and ‘Family Ties’

New Album Out Soon

Goodyear, Arizona – March 13, 2019 – After years of dedication to the game and continuous steps towards achieving his goals, this is the year Dub City has been waiting for. With his new album, Family Ties, on the horizon, he’s ready to take things up a notch with his sublime mix of hip-hop and R&B.

Passionate about what he does, Dub City not only loves what he does but loves to hear and see the fans reactions as they’re his number one priority. Wanting to make music that everyone can enjoy has always been his mission and he has yet to fail on that end. He’ll continue to prosper in that respect with the release of Family Ties. Made in the at-home studio he and his wife created, Family Ties is truly a family affair that audiences will appreciate. Dub City notes, “I record, engineer, mix and master all of my own tracks,” adding, “I am an independent artist putting out quality music.”

Quality music that includes hip-hop tracks like “Tik Tok” and “Purple Bag,” and R&B jams for the smooth operators like “More Time” and “Karma.” Songs like that have led Dub City to success on Florida’s Excitement Radio on their “Best Kept Secret” show with DJ Benhop. When he was based in Chicago, his hometown, Dub City was part of the rap group Joint Logistics and they opened for Twista and Snow Da Product. Now in Arizona and solo, Dub City plays small, local shows including the annual Hip Hop Festival.

Fans of Drake and Kendrick Lamar will gravitate towards what Dub City is working with on Family Ties. Those interested in reviewing Family Ties, adding his music to their playlists, or interviewing Dub City can reach out via the information provided below.


Dub City is a Chicago born emcee with R&B tendencies now living in Arizona with a new album, Family Ties, out soon.

Dub City
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