Electronic Buffet with James Nichols

james nichols reviewJames Nichols is an electronic artist who has something for everybody. “Lost Light” kicks things off for us with a powerhouse of noise. It’s like you took a ’80s video game and sent it to the here and now. With “If You Love Me” Nichols brings that energy again and doesn’t let up. He definitely knows how to create music that will keep people moving all night. I spoke too soon as he slows it down with “Give Me A Sign.” That continues on with the very timely, for this time of year, “Haunted.” It definitely can give some the creeps. Like I said at the start, there is something for everyone when it comes to James Nichols. He has a vast collection of tracks he’s created and you’ll have to dive in to find out which ones are exactly for you. If you’re a fan of electronic and like variety, James Nichols is your guy so check him out ASAP. (https://soundcloud.com/jrn-music)