Element 43 Twists and Twerks

Element 43 creates moods for every situation in the club. “Twerk” wasn’t just something of 2013. You can also experience and enjoy it in 2014 with his joint from Element 43. It’s less about the booty popping that a certain tongue slinging pop star out there, but it definitely has that club feel. Don’t get it twisted, or do with this one coincidentally titled, “Twisted.” It has this laid back, yet almost sinister ways to it as well. Then you’ll get stuck with “Trap,” while you’ll fight to survive “Hunger Games.” It’s “Pangea” though that’ll never let you go. If you took the creatures of “Avatar” and transported them to an EDM setting, but a chill one…you’d have this track. If you’re into beats and electronic music, you have to check out Element 43 today, not tomorrow, but today. (https://soundcloud.com/element43)