Faizan (feat. Amadeus) “Aether”

Arising from the angst-ridden silence on the back of a warm melody bound to defrost the iciness implied by the absence of sound only moments before, “Aether” doesn’t spend a lot of time building up the tension in the air around us before ushering forth a harmony as powerful as the seasons themselves. Faizan has brought in Amadeus for this latest rhythm-powered ride, and while the melodic fabric of this song and its companion video are probably the core elements that will attract you to the piece, it just might be the groove, textural presence and charisma of the players that makes it hard for you to put down. 

WEBSITE: https://www.faizanofficial.com/

Even without lyrics here, the emotion in this single is very evident and intricately sewn into the bones of the composition. From the start of “Aether,” it’s quite clear that we’re grappling with something drenched in ironic melancholy. There’s plenty of optimism for us to pick up on the visuals of the music video, but beneath their color exists a black and white riptide seemingly intent on ripping us asunder, into the depths of a contemplate – and maybe incredible self-aware – realm of consciousness. There’s a cerebral component to this material, and it’s enough to make me hungry for an entire album from Faizan and Amadeus before the year concludes. 

Despite their limited visibility in the American mainstream, Faizan and Amadeus demonstrate the kind of skillsets that should grant them access to scores of western audiences in 2020 through the marvelous showcase that is “Aether.” While “Aether” might not be the only experimental piece of music that you should be listening to this September, it’s undisputedly one of the more captivating instrumentals that I’ve had the pleasure of taking a look at since the start of the season. A solid addition to any playlist, this track and its video are too original to be skipped over. 

Zachary Rush