Get Sweet with Acoustic B

Acoustic B ReviewAcoustic B sings with his heart. “Truth Is” is a cute song that is all about love and is something you’d hear at an open mic at a coffeeshop on any given night in a big city. You can hear where he’s coming from, but also – where he can go. What I loved about “Take My Breath Away” was that the opening chords. They were simple and sweet. Another love song that could possibly be a Dashboard Confessional demo. If you were alive and aware in the ’90s/early ’00s, you may remember a singer-songwriter named Eagle-Eye Cherry and his hit, “Save Tonight.” Mentioning that only to say that “Fallin” sounds like it came up in the same scene. If you’re a fan of artists like Chris Carrabba and Caught Up in a Dream, check out Acoustic B’s tunes today. (