Greye is Back with New Single

Greye is an interesting name for a band that yields such a wide speck of colors and emotions. Still, the new song “Growing Pains” certainly alludes to the fact that some things in life can be in the gray area. It’s not always black and white. You have to pivot and deal with the punches as they fall. Greye, a rock band based in Daytona Beach, Florida, reconciles the good and the bad with life’s twists and turns. “Growing Pains” is a cathartic journey and one that rallies the inner rocker. The song is from the band’s forthcoming 2021 album release.


The world around me is fading at the edges, lead singer and songwriter, Hanna Summer belts with emotion. She’s rooted in the blues world, most definitely, but her voice has a natural harmony that is sweet and honey-dipped. This is line instantly connects with the listener. 2020 or not, we can often find ourselves backed into a corner. It could be financial stress or romantic pressures, the way Summer delivers the words in “Growing Pains” emboldens the listener to cut through the toxicity, to ramp up our game and find a way. Her voice really projects that confidence and that determination. She’s relentless and resilient.

The guitar residue and the backing band is just as remarkable. I’m not surprised. In previous outings like “Lucky” and “So Far So Good” the thumping bass (courtesy of Josh Reid) melts into the inner-workings of drum king Ray Grimard. While those two make up the fine rhythm section, keyboardist Kenn-e Williams certainly doesn’t play second fiddle. I didn’t hear him as much in “Growing Pains” on the first few listens, but he’s there. You have to really dive deep. It’s guitarist Jett Wolfe that really rings the bells. His guitar work is fantastic. I would place him in the same vein as Eric Clapton, leaning more into the blues rock world. Still, I think some fans of Eddie Van Halen, will find peace with this song. The guitar really sings. Altogether, though, the backing voices during the chorus (a rousing growing pains, growing pains looped under Summer’s vocals) give a somewhat AC/DC or  Joan Jett & The Blackhearts tone. Maybe it’s the male voice under the female vocals that gives that interesting balance, but the guys’ deep voices is old school, classic rock sounding. I half expected them to start singing dirty deeds, done dirt cheap. Okay, not really. In all seriousness, this is a band and each really play their part in the cog. “Growing Pains” has many textures and plains that fall into place like clockwork. It’s a finely-tuned machine that Greye keeps running.

Besides making you feel unstoppable and not alone, Summer’s voice and words in “Growing Pains” are also a great chance to just let go. Let it all go – the stress, the pain, the fear, the doubt. It’s a perfect way to escape into the guitar and the pounding drums. It’s a well-needed and deserved distraction. Greye is on the right path and I can’t wait to hear what’s next in their sonic journey.  

Zachary Rush

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