Gunvaldis Ezermanis Gets Quirky With New Single “Ohzyanna”

New Pop Single Available Now 


Ozolnieki, Canada – March 27, 2020 – Gunvaldis Ezermanis is here to spread some audible goodness with his latest single “Ohzyanna.” 

Unconventional to the norm, “Ohzyanna” is a pop song meant to make listeners move with its infectious composition. What’s even more fun though is the story underneath. It tells the tale of a man and a woman meeting and how their romantic evening rendezvous ends unexpectedly. With humor at its core, “Ohzyanna” grabs listeners in an instant and delivers a myriad of emotions throughout as audiences will experience feeling amused, sad, surprised and joyful by the end of the song. 

Like many, Gunvaldis Ezermanis grew up enamored with music. Often listening to and being inspired by a variety of styles Gunvaldis Ezermanis started penning songs back in 2014. Holistic in his approach, he feels that is the reason his music comes through with uniqueness not only in the notes but in the melodies as well. In turn, he was inspired by the “Playing for Change” movement which unites musicians from all over the globe to create and play popular songs, in a one of its kind event that showcases different styles, instruments, and musical backgrounds of various nations.

“I want to share my experience and pick up important questions like relationships, partnerships, love, money, lifestyle, environment issues, etc. However, I would like to bring my message through fun, dance, and laughter.” – Gunvaldis Ezermanis 

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