Heidi Rickard Delivers Pristine Pop With ‘Lost In The Woods’ 

New Album Available Now 


Detroit, Michigan – April 9, 2020 – Heidi Rickard’s voice goes above and beyond to lead listeners on a delightful pop journey as they get “Lost In The Woods” with her latest album. 

“Lost In The Woods” opens strong with the title track. There is no time wasted before Heidi Rickard’s bright, yet ethereal vocals take charge and lead the way. Not over-processed and full of nonessential additions like many pop acts these days, Heidi Rickard’s record stands out with natural charm as songs like “Can We Collide,” “Up On Your Shoulders” and “From The Deep Inside” captivate from start to finish. While her vocals are pristine, the lyrics are playful and have an imaginative wonder to them that always results in a smile. 

Heidi Rickard spent the previous chapter of her life worship leading. In 2017 she decided that after a decade in that realm, she’d try her hand at pop music. While she remains rooted in her faith, she’s showcased she can handle the secular world with ease. In the end, Heidi Rickard’s main focus is making music that not only entertains but also encourages others to chase their dreams. 

Those looking to add new pop to their station’s playlists that already have the likes of Colbie Caillat and Mandy Moore on them, reviewing “Lost In The Woods, or interviewing Heidi Rickard can reach out via the information provided below. 

For more information on Heidi Rickard, please visit: https://heidirickard.com 


Heidi Rickard is proud to present her perfect feel-good album, ‘Lost In The Woods.’

Heidi Rickard
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