Hip Hop with a Message from Gospel Hustla

Hip Hop with a Message from Gospel HustlaIt’s time for someone to prove that hip hop can take on more pressing issues than money, champagne, cars, and one night stands. It’s time for an artist courageous enough to step up to the mic and speak exactly what he feels, spitting his beliefs with ironclad resolve and impeccable talent. Phoenix, Arizona’s Gospel Hustla is up to the challenge, creating a catchy blend of gospel infused rap that’s taking the Southwest by storm.

Spearheaded by a series of mixtapes released with the Global Rhythmz music network, Gospel Hustla delivers a punchy brand of hip hop which remains as steadfast and hardcore as his contemporaries while spreading a message of positivity. Influenced by artists such as 2Pac, Lupe Fiasco and nearly everything in between, this is a unique breath of fresh air for the hip hop community.