Introducing Pop’s Latest R&B Dynamo Taylen Delgado

New Single “All My Girls” Out Now


York, Pennsylvania – July 29, 2019 – If there was ever a time for a new girl power anthem to take over, it’s now and Taylen Delgado is delivering it with her pop meets R&B flare on her latest single, “All My Girls.”

With her best friends in mind, Austrailian’s own Taylen Delgado’s latest single “All My Girls” is a celebratory anthem for not only friendship but the power of women all over the world. Not only is the message one that many can attach themselves to and proudly sing along to, but it’s also a stellar pop song. With elements of R&B in Taylen’s vocals, she’s more than an automated pop singer. Her range elevates her performance throughout and the beat is well, unbeatable to say the least.

“…a sonic windstorm…”  Mobangeles

“…blends her magnetic poetry with a supply synthesized rhythm that is sure to spice up your springtime.” Vents Magazine

Which is not surprising to those who know her. While she’s a young, bubbly, chic woman she’s also one of the most determined up and coming artists on the scene. At just 13 she decided music was what she was going to do and her family was right there backing her up because they saw not only how talented she was but how ambitious she was at such a young age. They believed in her and now the world is starting to see why with the release of the infectious “All My Girls.”

Those interested in adding new pop music to their playlist, look no further. “All My Girls” is a positive, upbeat treat for fans both young and old. Those who already have playlists featuring the likes of Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes will benefit from adding “All My Girls” to the mix. So those interested in adding “All My Girls,” featuring the song on their site, or interviewing Taylen can reach out via the information provided below.

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Taylen Delgado has just delivered the R&B, pop-infused girl power anthem of the year with “All My Girls.”

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