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Somerset, New Jersey – January 15, 2020 – A storyteller at the core, Tommy Raphael is an aspiring singer-songwriter with a batch of new songs available for purchase, streaming, and the airwaves out now.

“In every song, there is a story to tell either happy, sad or something between,” this prolific songwriter notes as he looks at his discography both past and present. Filled with songs that showcase not only his knack for lyricism in “Can You Keep a Secret” and “No Place Like Home” but style and arrangement in “Dance with Me” and “When You Are Down.” Each brings a new story to the table, so much so that audiences everywhere will want to pull up a seat and listen.

Growing up Tommy Raphael worked on a small farm with his siblings raising animals and tending the land. It wasn’t until they relocated to Kingston City that he began to fall in love with music. Nights around the guitar, singing with his newfound friends – memories he looks back on fondly as that is where he got his start. Soon enough he was writing his own material and putting forth his best efforts as an artist. His main goal; make people happy. Which is why he loves to entertain with song.

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Tommy Raphael is a Jamaican born singer-songwriter creating upbeat, pop-rock songs for audiences to enjoy.

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