“Introducing The Hottest Experimental/Progressive Singer/Songwriter You’ve Never Heard Of”

Bellingham, Washington — Wednesday, July 31st, 2019 — SiNns’ experimental music has been influenced by a myriad of artists from various genres. He is fascinated by the history of religion, spiritualism, mysticism, and the occult. His personal journey of interest and practice within these realms plays a significant role in SiNns’ creative process. His music leaves an open door for the listener’s mind to explore new ways of thinking through complex compositions and suggestive lyricism

All of SiNns’ songs are original pieces that are intended to captivate his listeners. Pushing the boundaries of normal lyricism, listeners are left to ruminate over what this artist may have experienced prior to writing his pieces. While one may feel displaced in the lyrics, it is the genuine deliverance and tone of his vocal work and songwriting that grounds listeners and makes them feel as if something of true nature is being conjured. His music can be found on the majority of streaming services including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Youtube Music,  and more.

“SiNns’ album Turquoise blends his brand of dark melodies, woven over electronic drums and acoustic instruments. He creates a very well defined sound that jumps out of the speakers from the very start. Not lost in the digital age of downloadable music, SiNns’ album art can be found across his many social media profiles and this brooding display sets the tone for his menacing harmonic landscape. Turquoise manages to do something that many local artists overlook these days by creating a thematic approach to the work. SiNns sets himself apart by creating a persona that is all-encompassing musically and in his artwork.” -Michael Roe, Whats Up! Magazine

The allure of SiNns music reaches far beyond sound. Both his musical and digital art compositions produce a mind-altering encounter and encourage listeners not just as an audience, but as free thinkers. SiNns full-length album and latest singles can be purchased and downloaded at www.sinns.bandcamp.co


240 32nd street Apt 105 Bellingham Washington, 98825

This article first appeared on ArtistPR.com Press Release