Jason Fubler’s Pop Is On Point

Jason Fubler ReviewJason Fubler is full of surprises. “She Loves” is a very upbeat pop song that has a little bad boy spirit to it. The vocals have a bit of Gavin DeGraw’s bite in them too. That bad boy thing actually comes across like a melodic rock track in “Tragedy In Color.” You could imagine this song on a Hoobastank record if you close your eyes, or don’t because who remembers what those guys look like in 2014? This one comes as a bit of a surprise after the other one leaned more towards the pop side of the spectrum. Rounding things out is a rock ballad in “Hero Inside You.” So it seems the bad boy has some heart. So if you like rock that’s not about head banging but more so about sending a clear message across – check out Jason Fubler today. (https://soundcloud.com/jason-fubler)