Jesse Eplan – Dreams

Jesse Eplan – Dreams 


New York City’s Jesse Eplan has released a new single entitled “Dreams” that sets this young singer/songwriter/producer up to make the next big leap in his career. Eplan has harbored ambitions of a life in music since first discovering his skills at the age of seven and he brings a rare combination of the songwriter and entertainer to this outing. His talents extend far past his abilities as a songwriter – Eplan is responsible for the song’s stellar production that captures a relatively narrow range of musical elements in a perfect balance that will engage listeners mentally, emotionally, and physically. His song makes a lot of its deepest impact thanks to the fact that it aims to do much more than merely entertain the listener; instead, Eplan’s vocal effectively dramatizes the lyric while still delivering a musically satisfying performance. There’s no point in this three minute track where Eplan completely announces his influences, but they are easily heard nonetheless. 

The musical arrangement is classic R&B soul and has underrated swing despite the use of electronic instruments. Eplan is a multi-instrumentalist, so he has an innate understanding on how to orchestrate a variety of sonic elements to great effect. There’s never a forced moment in the assortment of keyboards, synths, electronic drums, and bass laying down a smooth groove for Eplan’s vocal. His singing steadily rises in emotiveness throughout the song until it reaches its most important of crescendos. There are a lot of little peaks and valleys bit into the track’s composition, but the most important component of the song is how the brief, sometimes an eye blink, spaces opening up help make the track sinewy and elastic sound.  

His vocal, as mentioned before, has a strongly dramatic quality. The comparatively restrained beginning shows that he has a real skill for tempering his vocals, but his command of technique never drains the feeling from his performance. Powerful pipes can only do so much and, if it truly means anything in the end, has to be informed by a deep understanding of the material and a connection to the experience it depicts. A lot of his singing attitude is derived from the lyrics – rarely has a young performer sounded so reflective on the idea and reality of achieving at least some of his dreams. He enunciates every word clearly and sings with the backing track, molding his voice to fit every movement of the track.  

Jesse Eplan’s single “Dreams” has the sort of easy going brilliance that will leave you convinced this performer can do anything he sets his mind to. There isn’t a single false moment in the song and the arrangement pulls off flawless transitions from one passage to another, but Eplan’s singing is the marquee element of this song. He lulls listeners into following along, his emotions on a slow climb, and anyone who sticks out the song in full will be rewarded by the impressive peaks he scales by its conclusion.  


Joshua Stryde