Jimmy MooN Shoots for the Stars

Jimmy Moon ReviewJimmy MooN is a man who puts his love for nature into his music to create celestial moments. “The Moon” starts off with this luminous feel and then gets into the lyrics that draw you in with a scent of allusiveness. Everything is serene but at the same time kind of eerie. It’s a song that takes nature to a new level. Then with “Cloud Station,” the mood of the music is a little more mid-tempo compared to “Moon.” It’s not as drawn out but the vocals remain the same. They have that mystery to them. The music really helps to make this one stand a little taller than its partner in crime. It’s apparent that Jimmy MooN is in touch with nature on a spiritual level and it shows in the music he creates. If you’re one who connects to everything from the earth to the stars, check out Jimmy MooN’s today. (https://www.jimmymoon.net/)