JoeMoney405 Croons

JoeMoney405-reviewJoeMoney405 is an Oklahoma boy born and raised in the state’s capital who has been singing since kindergarten even though his style now is way more grown up. “Sex Recipe” starts off slow, much like a sensual night. This is one you’ll want to keep the recipe card for. The R&B mixed with the topic results in a dish best served hot. JoeMoney405 let’s lose a little with “Slow Motion,” as it’s not as slow as one would’ve imagined. This mid-tempo still brings that romantic, sexy vibe but does a good job at being a separate track than the other. When you do the same subject it’s easy for your songs to all sound the same, but each of JoeMoney405’s are unique and distinct. If you’re a fan of sexy R&B music that could grace pop radio, check out JoeMoney405. (