Jonathan Cavier – Comes a Moment

Jonathan Cavier – Comes a Moment 


“Comes a Moment” is the first track on Jonathan Cavier’s debut album Premier and its newest single. Cavier couldn’t have chosen a better track to open up his solo effort and its release as a single makes great sense. The superior production marking the collection is well illustrated here and the lyrical content makes for a great introduction to Cavier’s art for any remaining novice listeners. It demonstrates the same focus that characterized the album’s first single, “January”, while adopting a different sound and exhibiting a little bit of a different emotional mood. The release of this new single is wisely accompanied by a video as well, but Cavier’s music is so rich with imaginative possibilities that it provides listeners with a cinematic experience all its own sans visuals. This will likely build even more momentum for Cavier and, surely, elicit more critical and commercial notice. Jonathan Cavier is an artist who deserves heard and “Comes a Moment” is a perfect illustration why. 

It’s most certainly a personal effort. “Comes a Moment” depicts that place in life, sometimes recurring, when an individual reflects on the past and finds the personal strength within to let go of whatever might still be haunting them. Cavier has crafted a dramatic musical landscape to examine this subject, but the dramatics are never heavy-handed. There’s a great amount of patience and nuance incorporated into this song. It seems to begin simply enough with Cavier’s voice and an acoustic guitar moving along together, but even that opening minute is recorded with great atmosphere and the moments of lyricism that come through the guitar playing creates an appealing melodic web. The introduction of the drumming and bass doesn’t radically reshape the track, but it imbues the composition with additional impetus and emphasis surrounded with the same atmospherics used to frame the guitar sound.

The mid-tempo pace of the song contrasts nicely with Cavier’s comparatively slow, deliberate phrasing. This is a singer looking to wring every available ounce of meaning out of his lines and his calm swing through the verses and chorus alike belie the heavy emotions underpinning the track. The drumming punctuates his phrasing with taste and gives the emotions added weight without ever risking melodrama. The song never overextends itself and a little under four minutes seems ideal for the song’s lyrical and musical scope. Listeners will never feel cheated or short-changed by this experience. Every part of this song flows naturally into the next and it’s clearly a song that much concentration and effort, but it has a loose, easy confidence that will put the audience at ease from the outset. “Comes a Moment” is a more than worthy follow up to the album’s first single “January” and comparing the two gives listeners an excellent example of the different emotional and sonic faces Cavier presents on his debut album. This is a gem of a track and is sure to earn Cavier a wealth of new fans and admirers.  


Shannon Cowden