Josue Thesis Pens From Heartbreak To Guide Others To A Better Place With “Fly High”

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Fulshear, Texas – March 27, 2020 – A few years ago Josue Thesis received the tragic news that his nephew had been involved in a fatal car accident. Knowing that everyone has or will suffer a loss as heartbreaking as his, he turned to music and found solace in paying homage to his late nephew with his new single “Fly High.” 

“Fly High” came about from tragedy, but Josue Thesis hopes that while personal to him, it will touch others who have unfortunately been through similar experiences. Loss is as universal as love, and it’s something that can ultimately bring people together. Through shared pain, people can often find peace of mind in sharing their experiences with one another. It makes them feel less alone during the bleakest of times. Something Josue Thesis knows all too well because he felt that sorrow when his family lost a beloved member. Josue Thesis hopes his pop meets rock ballad can offer some comfort to those who have been through such an ordeal. 

Music has always been something Josue Thesis has loved. A dream of his for some time and as a dreamer he dreamt it would happen but reality continuously stood in the way. That night his nephew passed though, he realized dreams are worth fighting for and that teamed with the need to create something positive during a dark time, came an honest homage to someone who’d been so cherished. 

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