Katie Pederson’s Soulful Pop

Katie-Pederson-reviewKatie Pederson is skilled piano player who has over 15 years experience in that field, but she also has a set of pipes on her that puts her in the same field as other skilled singer songwriters out there. “Our Old Friends” is a nicely sung song but shows off Katie’s songwriting more than anything else. It’ll remind you of a young Shawn Colvin. “Tired” has a more mature feel than the last. It’s more like a song you’d hear at a late night open mic night. One note and you’d put your beer down and listen intently. “Dead Winter” is Katie’s best ballad though. It’s serene and hearty. Lastly you have “See You Around” which showcases her piano skills. If you like artists, who can both sing and give you a soulful performance in a pop manner, check out Katie Pederson. (https://www.jango.com/music/Katie+Pederson?l=0)