Kim DeVine – Broken Bird (Klvr Grl Remix)

Kim DeVine – Broken Bird (Klvr Grl Remix)


Kim DiVine previously toured the country in a musical webisode series titled “Kim & Seana,” sponsored by Ford Motors. Kim’s original songs have been placed in multiple network and cable TV series, indie features, and she has been recognized for her songwriting from the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, among others. Kim has also featured in NBC’s Grimm (Valentine’s Day Webisode), “Perfect Kind of Love” in the trailer for NBC Comedy, “Welcome to The Family”, “Little Things” Featured in the trailer, film and soundtrack for “Cowgirls N’ Angels” (Samuel Goldwyn Films) and even sang on the Jay Leno show.


“Easy On Me” was a Semi-Finalist in the 2013 “Unsigned Only” music competition; “Perfect Kind of Love” was featured on The CW’s “One Tree Hill” and was a semi-finalist in the 2011 International Songwriting Competition (Pop Category); the voice of the latest JELL-O jingle; “Little Things,” “Blue Skies,” “Cheers” and “Letting Go” were featured on MTV’s “The Real World”; “It’ll Be Alright”, “Blue Skies”, and “We Could” featured in Showtime’s “The Real L Word.” But catching up to present, “Broken Bird (Klvr Grl Remix)” is the single taken from the new album track “Broken Bird” on – This Time Around.

Kim has come off a hard series of losses but has also gained a child, so there’s much to sing and play about, and she’s putting all her life’s efforts into it for healing purposes, which music has the power of like no other source. The lyrics and melody almost reflect recent troubles in her life, and that could just be coincidental, but one can never be sure about these things. It just seems to be the natural choice to roll with and make a bigger sounding thing out of, as that’s exactly what Klvr Grl did without dropping her voice out of the picture one single bit. She still carries it all over and above what was added.


As a ‘Broken Bird” the song is about mending wounds and coming back stronger, as the lyrics clearly point out, but like any song you can apply whatever you like to it, of course. It leaves plenty of room for exploration as well as being able to nail what the lyrics actually-mean coming from Kim DiVine at the time of writing it. You just feel for her like a you would a wounded animal, and her soft voice is as compelling as Clvr Grl’s re-mixing. They work in unison for an evenly balanced re-mix that you can tell took more than just production clichés throughout the whole re-tracking.

Never has anything timed sounded so natural, as the beats never sound pre-programmed or anything, it’s just a superior re-mix and that is all there is to it. And the credit goes to Klvr Grl for putting the golden fingers to it. Everything the producer touches must turn to solid beats worth jamming on. This single, puts both Kim DiVine and Klvr Grl on my radar for more, of which all I can say is bring it on, and let the remarkable vocals and poppin’ beats speak for what the future holds, which is anybody’s guess when it comes down to good music. Let such artists and producers light the way.


James Olsen