King Kalenga Drops His Debut ‘Eyes Closed, Eye Open’

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Springfield, Virginia – August 15, 2019 – Passionate and full of love, King Kalenga delivers major vibes with his debut Eyes Closed, Eye Open.

A former lead singer for a rock meets hip hop band, King Kalenga is no stranger to doing things to the beat of his own drum. Which can be heard throughout his debut album, Eyes Closed, Eye Open. Songs like “Potions, Emotions” and “Like a Galaxy” have smooth deliveries that give King Kalenga’s hip hop an R&B twist. While he showcases some rage with the rightfully titled “Welcome to the Rage.” There’s definitely range in the emotions delivered on this record, but at after one hits the eleventh song, all they’ll want to do is hit repeat and start all over again.

Always a gentleman, King Kalenga is nothing but pure on Eyes Closed, Eye Open as it holds a special place in his heart. He lost his partner to cancer in early 2017 and has dedicated this record to them. Honoring his late lover through music, he hopes others can find solace in an album that means so much to him.

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King Kalenga poured his heart into every track of his debut, Eyes Closed, Eye Open, out now.

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