KingofKingsXHD Delivers Inspired, Christian Hip Hop

KingofKingsXHD Delivers Inspired, Christian Hip HopErupting from the outstretches of Middle America is KingofKingsXHD, a fiery new hip hop artist hailing from Wichita, Kansas. Providing thought-provoking and positive lyrics driven by an ironclad element of Christian faith, this exciting new artist delivers a brand of rap which is truly his own.

With a unique flow layered upon a variety of infectious and catchy beats, KingofKingsXHD continues to churn out top notch, inspired music. His debut LP, Saga Continues Resurrected, featured 14 tracks of religious and meaningful hip hop, followed by a fresh 7 song demo which continues to blaze up the charts on YouTube. Driven by a diligent work ethic and an innate sense for songwriting, this is another young artist to keep on the radar.