Larry Moreira Presents His Piano Driven Debut 

‘This World Does Not Belong to Us’ Out Now 


Johannesburg, South Africa – May 14, 2020 – No one taught Larry Moreira how to read music, nor how to play the piano. It came as naturally to him as breathing. While he took a break from his piano bench for a period of his life, once he found his way back to the ivory keys it was as if he never left. Now, after close to a decade working on music he’s here with his debut, ‘This World Does Not Belong to Us.’

Larry Moreira was only four-years-old when he first sat down at the piano. A couple of years later he was performing. That is until his parents relocated the family from South Africa to Portugal. It was then a young Moreira put his musical aspirations away. As he got older, he found himself in the food industry. That was until 2012. It was then he decided it was time to trade in that career and follow his musical dreams. 

Since then he’s been working endlessly on his craft. Inspired by the cinematic realm, ‘This World Does Not Belong to Us’ is overflowing with music that would elevate a soundtrack’s score. From “All I Want Is Your Smile” to “Enchanted Moment” to “The Answer Lies Within Yourself,” every track that escapes Larry Moreira’s fingertips has the ability to paint across soundscapes like no other while evoking an array of emotion throughout the entirety of the album. Inspired by the struggles he’s encountered from the current pandemic to the lessons he learned in life, Larry Moreira’s ‘This World Does Not Belong to Us’ is as biographical as it is universal. 

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Larry Moreira gets cinematic with his 2020 release, ‘This World Does Not Belong to Us,’ out now. 

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