Like Machines Release “Take It Away” Single/Video

Crushingly heavy in its throttling guitar attack but ultimately the product of sleek pop songcraft and smart lyricism, you could say that the guys in Like Machines definitely did their homework ahead of structuring their latest single and music video, “Take It Away,” this past summer. A work that represents just how sophisticated a compositional with they can have when they’re firing on all cylinders, Like Machines’ “Take It Away” is a relatively simple hard rock tune, but what it lacks in over the top embellishments it more than makes up for in raw panache of the best variety. 


The music video is just like its source material in that it’s aesthetically simple and devoid of excesses that I would just as soon enjoy never encountering as a critic, but I will say that its efficiency is not so barebones that it recalls the stripped-down sound of mid-2000s alternative rock.

There’s nothing bleached about the chorus, nor the ascending verses that lead into its epic climax, and despite the stadium-shaking volume that the melodic instrumentation is getting out of this mix, nothing here suggests that Like Machines are even slightly interested in plasticizing their sound with synthetic components. 

They’re still a metallic juggernaut in training, but I would be lying if I said that “Take It Away” didn’t present us with the start of a really big turning point in the history of this band’s time together. Their rough edges don’t need to be sanded down, but rather protected as to keep their stylishness as organic and unforced as possible. Like Machines are a really interesting indie follow for sure, and once they get an LP out in the next year or so, they’re going to find this momentum swelling exponentially as their peers try to compete with the swagger. 

Zachary Rush