Living in Harmony with Bro WhizDome

Bro WhizDome ReviewThings got a little confusing with Bro WhizDome, but they worked out in the end. “It’s Black#Blk#Blk Pt. 1” sounds like old school hip hop that’s more about talking over a step beat. With “I’mFeelingItJustLikeYou” has more a soulful feel. It’s like R&B back in the ‘70s. It’s all about that groove and making the audience feel it. In “NoTrippin Y’all” continues on that soul path. Rolling into “ThruEveryWindow” things take a turn for the trippy. It sounds like two songs layered on top of one another, like too many cooks in the kitchen. Things settle as “Talk2Me” comes through. Lastly, “Harmony Is What the World Needs” is just what we needed from Bro WhizDome. It’s the greatest in the bunch and really showcases a talented vocalist as well as musician. It’s not too much and the simplicity goes a long way. While thing started somewhere else, they ended in on a soul plain and that’s best. So if you like harmonious soul music, check out Bro WhizDome now. (