Loving and Laughing with Wayne Martin

Wayne Martin ReviewThere aren’t many artists who can touch your heart and funny bone like Wayne Martin. It’s always nice to know who songs are written for. When it comes to “Slip Away,” the words were written by Martin with his wife in mind. It’s a lighthearted song that has a lot of cute elements. It sounds like it could sit on the shelf alongside music that Randy Newman sings. With “This Ring,” the music has a more somber tone. It’s not dismal but after the ways of the former, this one has a more serious tone to it. Then you listen to the words and it’s not sad, it’s mature and full of romance. Then we lighten it up again with “I Like Your Caboose.” It’s clear that while Wayne has this sense of romance and elegance in his lyrics, he can let loose and have fun with his words and music. If you are a fan of singer-songwriters who can deliver songs constructed out of love and sometimes laughs, then check out Wayne Martin’s plethora of talent now. (https://www.waynemartinmusic.com/)

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