ManiCk’s Magic

maniCK reviewManiCk started making beats and sounds back in 2011 and while he’s physically in the Lone Star state, he can be found residing on the internet. He’s an electronic artist who takes it to a dark place. “Lighters Up” has a very industrial and intimidating sound to it. It could be used for a video game set in a world very similar to “The Terminator.” With “Peanut Butter Jelly Mash” you get the viral sensation from “Family Guy.” Just when you think that’s it, ManiCk takes it and gives it his spin with a remix. Lastly, “Recreant Dub” gives off a very metal thrash feel. It’s like Metallica mixed with some Ozzfest. The world of electronic music is so vast, and when it comes to ManiCk’s style – it’s dark with a rock feel. If you like what could be the love child of Skrillex and Nine Inch Nails, check out this artist today. (