Matthew Hutson: In Life with a Lie

winter-tree-P1040554-1It takes time for an artist to grow, but Matthew Hutson’s “In Life with a Lie” showcases a man’s growth from start to finish quickly. “Ode To The Low” has a very somber tone as this singer-songwriter tells a tale that matches the mood. As the record plays on, “Hi Fi Low Fi” picks up the mood a bit in terms of the music but the vocals still have this sad aroma to them. Then we get to “Drive Sky” and a whole new man emerges. This one isn’t sad anymore, but appears to have more bounce in his step and confidence in his heart. “White Lie” keeps that energy and state of mind alive and well to make this record end on a high note. He went from this melancholy man at the start to a man ready to take on the world by the end. If you like to watch an artist grow in the matter of one record, singer-songwriters who can also rock and fine tuned music, check out Matthew Hutson’s “In Life with a Lie,” out now. (