Meet Raw Soul, The Artist Who Records Hits In His Car.

Vancouver, BC, Canada — Friday, February 14th, 2020 — Raw Soul, an artist representing Vancouver, Canada, is a hip-hop recording artist who creates all of his tracks by recording them in his car. He has several tracks under his belt, all of which is hard to believe we’re made in the driver’s seat of his Nissan Altima. Considering the ability and technical skill, this man should definitely have access to a studio, sooner rather than later!

Anyone who is a fan of real hip-hop should be interested in hearing what Raw Soul has to say. A man who has been through some tough times, his story is one of perseverance and strength. Anybody who has struggled in maintaining a positive frame of mind should keep an ear out for Raw Soul’s music. His tracks are available on SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music.

If there’s anything Raw Soul would like people to take away from his music, it’s a message of patience during the struggles we face. In his song Morning Sun, Raw Soul explicitly states that “Patience can make you great,” a notion we can all learn from.

Keep up with Raw Soul on Instagram and Twitter, as well as following his SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music artist pages. His Instagram handle is @rawsoul92 and his Twitter handle is @rbensoul.

Raw Soul, an artist who will do what is needed to make sure his story is heard, including writing and recording his music in his car for lack of a better alternative, is someone we should all be checking out. His songs hit hard and some of his deeper cuts have some messages we can all learn from. Make sure to check out his music on the streaming platform of your choice. His music is currently available on Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Raw Soul’s latest release, Searching for Scraps, is available to be streamed on Spotify here:





Raw Soul, an artist from Vancouver, Canada, is a hip-hop recording artist whose aim is to create a long-lasting connection to his audience through his rhymes. Born in Vancouver but has lived across the world, his international upbringing has allowed him to see things from the different perspectives each culture has. His difficulties with mental health is another aspect of his music that is apparent in some of his tracks such as Dilated Pupils.



Raw Soul
Raw Soul

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