Michael Nhat Is A One Man Show

When you hear about a man who was born in Vietnam but raised in Iowa, you think that is an interesting culture. Well, for Michael Nhat, the tale gets even more interesting when you find out that he dabbles in hip hop and could be the next big this in hipster chic. Oh Michael, you are a wonder. He creates music that is one part quirk, two parts intriguing and overall has a hint of novelty. The verses of Falling Down a Bottomless Pit are indie pop, while the choruses are straight from the urban streets. If they have those in Iowa, then that is where Michael got them. Things take a folk turn when We’re Learning How To Walk Through Walls starts and that quirk sets in with Panties. Arm Limbs Coming Out Of the Wall has an ambient feel, while Raining Knives is more upbeat than intimidating. If vaudeville ever mated with hip hop, the result would be I’ll Take a Sledgehammer. When you get down to the nitty gritty, Michael Nhata is definitely one of a kind in the musical scene, so if you are looking for something completely off the wall, check him out and make of him what you will. (https://michaelnhat.la/)