Mixing Things Up with Cookie Watkins

Cookie Watkins ReviewCookie Watkins is a New Yorker with an eclectic sound. “Still Deep In Love” has a reggae undertone but her vocals come off clear and smooth like clear cut R&B. It’s clear that Cookie loves to experiment with different styles. She just intertwined a tropical feel with soul, and then hopped onto a dance train with the remix to “Doctor Love.” As for the original version of the track, it has that reggae and R&B mix going on again. Finally “This Love Is Activating.” This one is the powerhouse of the batch. It falls into the dance category like the remix, but it’s those huge notes at the start that really push this one over the threshold into another place. If you’re a fan of dancing or just new types of music, check out Cookie Watkins today. She’s definitely in a category all her own. (https://www.jango.com/music/Cookie+Watkins?l=0)