Miz Farah Breaks the Rules

Miz Farah Breaks the RulesLike a breath of fresh air on a chilly winter day, Orlando, Florida’s Miz Farah is bending and breaking all of the rules with her fascinating style of pop and R&B. Starting with an inspired pop artist background, this young singer-songwriter adds in elements of soul, rock, hip hop, and electronica until the formula is just right.

Tracks such as “Without You” blend in bouncing hip hop and dance rhythms, while “Let Me” and “Winner” are softer, soulful ballads which rely on acoustic guitar and piano-driven melodies. Influenced by Lauryn Hill, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Adele, and Jay-Z, Miz Farah is penning heartfelt, honest lyrics laid elegantly upon versatile, appealing music. Her first mixtape, Welcome 2 My Show Volume 1 is available to download for free now.