Monique Angele releases new EP

Monique Angele releases new EP


My first impression at the start of Answers by Monique Angele was not the best. It was a little slow on building to anything of interest to me, and I most likely would have changed to a different track before giving it a second thought. Don’t get me wrong, I love piano as much as the next guy. I find it to be relaxing and focus inducing, both useful to me when I’m studying or writing. With that being said, I thoroughly enjoyed most of the tracks on this album. It’s very short, therefore I’m going to review what I liked and disliked about each song.

“Answers”, the first track on the album, is a little slow to start and didn’t catch my interest until harmony and bass were introduced at 1:41. The song excels with clear tones, beautiful harmonies, and an extremely low bass riff from that point on. I do however feel as if one of the other tracks might have been a more appropriate choice to kick off Monique’s album.

The second track, “Mirror”, had a kind of maniacal undertone, which was quite different and unique. In ways this song reminds me of “Sarah Borelli’s” musical works, but “Monique” has a singing voice that’s on a much more operatic level. It was easy for me to get lost in her music while listening to this original track.

“You Know”, the third song, is hard not to like. The overall tone and message expressed by “Monique” is lovely and kind. I was left feeling better about life in general at the finish of the song. I truly believe her when she sings “You have a purpose, and you know it’s true.” Anyone can sing words. It takes a true artist to convey those words and present them with emotion. “Monique” does so brilliantly.

The last track, “Complete”, I knew I liked right away. Unfortunately, it wasn’t because it was something new or fresh for me. The main piano riff sounds almost identical to “Vampire Weekend’s” song, M79. I’m also slightly reminded of Gloria Estefan at some points of the song, which took me by surprise. I’m not saying I’m right, but that’s what I observed. This track was most upbeat out of the four and may be a better choice as track one on this particular album. This was my favorite song on her album, but I can’t help but get distracted each time the “Vampire Weekend” part pops up.

This album had some hits and misses for me, but overall I would say it was quite enjoyable. This genre of music isn’t usually my first choice, but I would recommend it if you have to study or write a paper. “Monique’s” vocals are on point and she has no trouble singing with feeling. The lyrics are uplifting, particularly in “You Know”, and leave you feeling relaxed and humbled. I’m unsure if Answers by Monique Angele would be the right fit for my friend’s or family’s listening enjoyment, but I’d certainly add “Answers”, “Mirror”, and “You Know” to my “Study Session” playlist.


Jason Ryan Jones