Muki Munah Drops “One Hundred Dollar Bill”

New Single Out Now

Tampa, Florida – January 8, 2019 – Muki Munah is starting the year off right with his bold new single, “One Hundred Dollar Bill.” A banger that blends a hype reggaeton style with hip-hop beat is sure to make its way into the lives of many.

Muki Munah started out in Cameroon, Africa. While the cassettes of his childhood were beloved, he found himself in a different line of work as he got older. He owned and operated a successful flower business for years before realizing that it was time to give music his undivided attention. After butting heads with a keyboard instructor, Muki Munah decided to take matters into his own hands and do things his own way. He started performing around his hometown and eventually recording the music he wanted. Music that combines the veracity of hip-hop with the charisma of reggae. Today Muku Munah has four albums, three EPs and almost a dozen singles to his name, including his latest, “One Hundred Dollar Bill.”

Now in Tampa, Florida Muki Munah has performed everywhere from Super D’s Nightclub to Skipper’s Smokehouse to the Pegasus Lounge. His music is about energy and delivering that as well as his culture and upbringing to people far and wide. Original to the core, fans get all that and more with Muki Munah.

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Muki Munah is an African-born reggae/hip-hop artist with a new single out now entitled, “One Hundred Dollar Bill.”

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