Musician Elias Thunder Pushes Onward And Upward As He Prepares To Record Commercial Album, “American Flag,” Which He Hopes Will Eclipse His Previous Recordings In Scope And Appeal.

Salt Lake City, Utah — January 24, 2019 — Elias Thunder seeks representation for recording his third album, “American Flag.” A multi-instrumentalist since his late teens, his melodic and visceral music crosses genres from metal to classical, to Americana, with increasingly thematic lyrics embodying American ideals of liberty and justice, spiritual principles like transformation, and our need for love and passion.

Audiences who seek stimulating harmonies should be excited as Thunder will be including intimately nuanced solo lines composed for live cellists/violinists to enhance both solemn rock riffs and bright chord progressions. This upcoming album should appeal to anybody chafing under societal complacency, oppression, or pressured conformity. “American Flag” is a serious endeavor to be backed by a serious record label.

While Thunder’s live performances always draw enthusiastic applause and have repeatedly been described as “haunting” or “intense,” he is weary of going solo. “I never wanted to be a one-man-show,” he says, “the real magic happens when dedicated professionals pool their talents and create something bigger than themselves. I’m looking for serious band-mates and a record deal.” He enjoys playing for fundraisers as a way of giving back. Relating music to humanity he declares: “Music is harmony, harmony is unity, unity is powerful.”

Thunder’s raw-feeling Indie-rock album, “Move This Mountain,” recorded under his given name, Stephen Prins, is available on iTunes and other outlets. With more crowd-pleasing songs in his current set, he hopes for a bigger sound on “American Flag.” Four of the songs can be viewed as acoustic demos on YouTube.

Elias Thunder is committed to giving music lovers an epic and memorable album. He intends to make music that makes a difference; it’s going big or go home. Purchases of his previous albums and professional backing for “American Flag” are needed, and this man will pay it forward.

Hurry to buy Indie album “Move This Mountain” while it remains available, learn more on LinkedIn, and contact Stephen Prins if you want to help produce “American Flag.”



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