No Smiles, No Frowns, Just Poker Face

No Smiles, No Frowns, Just Poker FaceMeet Poker Face, the latest hip hop artist from Dallas, Texas, painting a dark and twisted portrait full of painful and realistic imagery, rendering him one of the most original and thought provoking artists on the scene today. While churning out dozens of tracks which were eventually whittled down into his debut record, No Smiles, No Frowns, Just Poker Face, this hardened rap artist has quickly elevated his game to an entirely new level.

While passing over the passé and overused topics such as money, women, and selling records, Poker Face dives deep into a pool of personal reflection and experience, creating tracks with more meaning than your typical hip hop tune. With titles like “Schizophrenic,” “Horror Show,” and “Suicidal Tendencies,” this is a rapper who marches to the beat of a different drum while producing some hard-hitting, truthful hip hop.