Now Endeavor’s new single and music video “You Know Me”

Pop enthusiasts and melodic hip-hop fans alike rarely come together on the same artists or content anymore, but in the case of Now Endeavor’s new single and music video “You Know Me,” the beats this Detroit duo are offering up just might be too tempting for either audience to resist. Now Endeavor utilize a slow-churning groove to build tension in this cut, and though texture plays as big a role as any of the tones do, there’s scarcely a moment in which “You Know Me” feels too outside of the box for mainstream consumption. It’s a cherry of a track, and arguably the best these guys have delivered to date. 

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The video for “You Know Me” is playful, animated – arguably as much as the melodic faceting is – and unassumingly innocent, alluding to a simplicity within their songcraft that was only teased in previously-released singles. Though the vocal harmonies are probably the most striking cosmetic feature here, nothing feels overbearing or particularly dominating in the grander scheme of things; on numerous fronts, this two and a half minute pop song is as multidimensional an effort as it gets. To me, Now Endeavor are offering a profile statement in this release, and it’s quite telling of how much depth they really have in the studio. 

I don’t know why these guys haven’t cut a proper LP yet, but whatever the reason may be, I think it’s more than obvious that they’re ready for the big leagues in “You Know Me,” and really all of the Survival EP. Now Endeavor don’t hold back from pushing out some seriously big chills in this single and its companion music video, and whether you’ve been following them for the last few years or are just now discovering them for the first time, theirs is becoming one of the underground’s best stories of 2020. 

Zachary Rush