Nubia Rose Offers Hope With “In This Together” 

Nubia Rose Offers Hope With “In This Together” 

New Single Out April 17, 2020 


Boca Raton, Florida – April 16, 2020 – In a time of uncertainty and fear, Nubia Rose is doing her part by spreading hope with her newest single, “In This Together.” 

Her latest single showcases her signature pristine vocals that are as soft as a warm blanket on the coldest of days. The words came to her in an instant, and all she had was a piece of scratch paper, a pen, and her heart. Those elements then combined for a song that is sure to uplift even the heaviest of hearts during this time. Comforting and kind, Nubia Rose’s music has always given listeners a sense of hope from her previous single “I Love U Mon Amour” to “In This Together,” which will be available on all major streaming platforms on April 17, 2020, including Spotify. 

Nubia Rose has released a handful of other records over the years including ‘Funtastic Love,’ ‘I Want Nothing For Christmas,’ and ‘Parabens.’ On top of being a seasoned singer, Nubia Rose is also a movie producer and actress with a handful of credits to her name including acting in the short, ‘Akuji Devil’s Board.’ Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Nubia Rose relocated to the US in 1988 and started to make a career for herself in the creative arts.  

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Nubia Rose offers a sense of hope with her April 2020 single, “In This Together.” 

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