NYC Punk Legends Spike Polite & Sewage Announce New Music Is On The Way

NYC Punk Legends Spike Polite & Sewage Announce New Music Is On The Way

‘The Italian Sessions’ Available Now 


Brooklyn, New York – May 1, 2020 – When it comes to music, New York City is known as paving the way for innovative artists throughout a myriad of genres. From the hip hop of the Bronx to the singer-songwriters in Greenwich Village to the punk rockers like Spike Polite & Sewage in the Lower East Side. Spike Polite & Sewage have been making waves since the early ‘90s and have continued to be a powerhouse in the scene and will continue to be as they’ve announced they’re working on new material that will be available soon. 

Currently, Spike Polite & Sewage is writing and recording new material. Which has fans of the longtime-Brooklyn staple ecstatic. Audiences loved their 2017 release, ‘The Italian Sessions,” that packed exhilarating punk rock into over a dozen tracks such as “Subway Surfin,” “Rock’n’Roll Revolution,” and “Detox Doll” that rocked listeners to their core. Now they plan to outdo themselves with their next release that has yet to be given a name but will surely be another iconic addition to the punk rock realm of releases. 

Together almost 30 years, Spike Polite & Sewage have been a core part of New York City’s punk scene. They’ve performed at infamous venues, been featured in a Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Museum documentary on the origins of punk, and even been featured on Fox’s hit series, ‘Gotham.’

Those interested in adding new punk music to their playlists, interviewing Spike Polite & Sewage, inquiring about future tour opportunities, or getting in touch about licensing for TV or film can reach out via the information provided below. 

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Amidst the CBGB-culture and the Squat or Rot political movement of New York City in the early ‘90s came punk rock’s Spike Polite & Sewage. Since then they’ve been featured in countless articles about not only the movement, but documentaries about punk rock, and have played in NYC’s most infamous clubs. Today they have their latest, ‘The Italian Sessions,’ out but are working on new music that is set to release in late 2020. 

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