Sam Martey Drops “The Prince of Peace is Born 2”

New Single Out Now

Edmonton Alberta, Canada – January 2, 2019 – Tis the season to pay one’s respect to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and gospel artist Sam Martey is doing that through song with the release of his new single, “The Prince of Peace is Born 2.”

With a love of the Lord in his heart, Sam Martey is spreading the good word this holiday season with the release of his latest single, “The Prince of Peace is Born 2.” A beautiful gospel song that would be a blessing to any playlist, it’s an enlightening song that will have listeners feeling that higher spirit within them as they drink in every note that Sam Martey’s soothing voice delivers.

“The Prince of Peace is Born 2” is the perfect addition this holiday season, but that is not all fans can expect from the gospel singer. Sam Martey is currently working on his new album, Everlasting Victory. Fans can ex

Brother H Sets Spring Release for ‘Declare His Glory’

New Album Out Spring 2019

Nairobi, Kenya – January 9, 2019 – Brother H has been actively servicing his community as a worship leader for many years. Now he’s ready to share his gifts with the world with the release of his new album in Spring 2019; Declare His Glory.

Declare His Glory will showcase all of what Brother H is capable of and more. While rooted in gospel, Brother H’s sound spans various genres. Each on allowing his talents to shine brighter than the next. Declare His Glory is a wonderful blend of contemporary pop, R&B, as well as traditional African and Caribbean rhythms. Truly something on it for every type of music fan around the world. He’s already been featured on several radio programs and local stations in Kenya and has plans to take things international with the release of Declare His Glory come Spring 2019.

Gifted not only in song but on the guitar

Muki Munah Drops “One Hundred Dollar Bill”

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Tampa, Florida – January 8, 2019 – Muki Munah is starting the year off right with his bold new single, “One Hundred Dollar Bill.” A banger that blends a hype reggaeton style with hip-hop beat is sure to make its way into the lives of many.

Muki Munah started out in Cameroon, Africa. While the cassettes of his childhood were beloved, he found himself in a different line of work as he got older. He owned and operated a successful flower business for years before realizing that it was time to give music his undivided attention. After butting heads with a keyboard instructor, Muki Munah decided to take matters into his own hands and do things his own way. He started performing around his hometown and eventually recording the music he wanted. Music that combines the veracity of hip-hop with the charisma of reggae. Today Muku Munah has four albums, three EPs and almost a dozen singles to his name, including his la

Introducing 4Heavensake

Rap Eras Collide

Miramar, Florida – January 8, 2019 – Representing the south by way of Florida is hip-hop’s latest 4Heavensake.

Listening to 4Heavensake is like opening a time capsule that holds the best hip-hop has known since the ‘90s. With a sound that showcases 4Heavensake’s love of everyone from Mos Def to T.I., his style is unmatched in today’s scene that is overflowing with mumble rap and computer sounds. 4Heavensake takes listeners back to basics while elevating their current state of mind.  With almost five dozen songs to his name, tracks like “Wonder Sometimes” and “My Sentiments” give hip-hop fans a whiff of nostalgia while in the here and now.

To date, 4Heavensake has performed throughout his home state of Florida at Bombshell Tavern in Tampa, Pegasus Lounge in Tallahassee, and on The Showcase Tour in Orlando. He’s even taken things up the coast performing at Coast to Coast


Fargo, North Dakota — Friday, August 30th, 2019 — Oluwasegun Iyanuoluwa Odewumi popularly known as Shyfi, steadily expands his Afrobeats root in the United States, making sure his cultural sounds and epitomic vocal style is widely received across the globe. His musical taste ranges from his native afrobeat to hip-hop has made it easy for his sounds
to break across the musical taste of the American culture.

Shyfi’s career in music started off at the age of 10 in his family home. He realized his love for singing and writing began after listening to a song by a popular artist at the time named Dj Zeez. “I used to write lots of songs, memorize it, and go sing it all at school(laughs). This really was one of the best times of my life” he added while discussing his vision and plan for his future years.

Growing up as a child, Shyfi developed his love for music from the likes of Afro-Beats legends like Sunny Ade, Lagbaja, and Fela kut

Introducing Max Maria Boostclipper

New Dance Music Out Now


Fallingbostel, Germany – August 27, 2019 – Over the past six months Max Maria Boostclipper has released almost a dozen new dance tracks that usher her skills into the spotlight.

Max Maria Boostclipper has been making music for the past two decades. Starting in her early 30’s, she took her passion for movement and sound and married them into a cascade of dance music. When pressing play on a Max Maria Boostclipper track, one is instantly welcomed by the embrace of a fine-tuned dance tracks that span from laid back tracks such as “I Cry With You” to her latest powerhouse single, “A Swallow, on My Lap.”

Each track brings something new to the table while taking you deeper into the world of sound Max Maria Boostclipper has created. Those interested in featuring new music on their dance playlists, reviewing her music, or interviewing

The Silvers Announce Second 2019 Release ‘Change Of Seasons’

Rushmore Out Now


Novato, California – August 29, 2019 – The Silvers aren’t getting much rest in 2019. They’ve already got one record out and another on the way. Fans of upbeat rock reminiscent of the ’60s and ’70s have their latest, Rushmore, to hold them over until the release of their second 2019 release, Change Of Seasons.

Change Of Seasons comes five months after the release of Rushmore, an album that features their hit single “Blame It On Love.” In May and June of 2019 “Blame It On Love” hit the top 20 on iTunes not only in the US but in Canada and Mexico as well. Fans and critics alike couldn’t get enough of with Stargaze calling them ” thoughtful, multi-talented and confident,” The Silvers are well prepared to repeat the success of Rushmore all over again when their new EP, <

Military Vet Jay John Steps Back Into The Game With New Album Out Soon

Back In The Scene Out October 31, 2019      


Modesto, California – August 29, 2019 – Jay John took a step back from music for a while to focus on his time in the Army National Guard, but 2019 marked his return with a release in May and an upcoming one in October as he drops Back In The Scene on Halloween.

A California native his entire life, it’s been almost two decades since Jay John started making music. He started as a teen in high school under the name Killa D. From there he went through an evolution of names as well as hip hop styles. The last being Jay John in 2016, the year he returned home from active duty and shifted gears to focus on his music full time. Throughout his lengthy musical run, Jay John has performed live both locally and in a place, not many can namedrop, Anchorage, Alaska where he gained many fans during his time there.

Back In The Scene

Denzil Johnson Presents The Feel-Good Record Of The Year With ‘Reggae Pop’

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Hamilton, Bermuda – August 27, 2019 – It’s all in the name when it comes to the latest from Denzil Johnson. His 2019 release, Reggae Pop is self-explanatory when it comes to what to expect on the surface but there’s more when you dive deep inside this beautiful blend of sounds.

Presenting good, clean fun Reggae Pop is an album overflowing with everything from brilliant melodies to inescapable lyrics all of which create a sense of excitement throughout the listening experience. For Denzil Johnson this album, along with the entirety of his career thus far and going forward is, has, and will always be about creating a new path, a new direction for music to grow. Evolving sound is what separates a singer from an artist and that is what Denzil Johnson displays time and time again on Reggae Pop.

Denzil Johnson was born with Regga