Peter Holden: The Athens And Other Stories

peter-holden-reviewPeter Holden’s “The Athens And Other Stories” is an up and down ride through the human experience put to song. “Meshback Trucker Hat” is one of those songs that come on in a bar and it transforms the energy of the room. What was a dismal dive bar is now an lively atmosphere full of good times and sing alongs. “Desert Jade” comes through though as the sentimental side of Holden’s music. It’s a slow song brought to life by the acoustics. The same can be said with “Pulling Stars” and its heartfelt performance. To pick things back up though, heads towards “Susannah.” It’s really hard to pick a side to stand on with this record. Each, the fast pace and the more easy going tracks, have their high points but we’d recommend the heart of the record and lead you towards the slower ones like the wonderfully sung “Midtown.” That one set the vocal standard on the album. If you’re into singer songwriters who can bring the rock when they feel it necessary, check out Peter Holden’s “The Athens And Other Stories,” (