Psalmist Apostle DeAnna Dixon Is Back And Better Than Ever With New Music

‘The Re-birth of Ol Sckool Gospel Music’ Available Now


Abbeville, Louisiana – February 11, 2020 – It has been a long, long wait but worth every second because Psalmist Apostle DeAnna Dixon is back and taking the gospel realm by storm with her signature style that’s like no other on ‘The Re-birth of Ol Sckool Gospel Music.’

‘The Re-birth of Ol Sckool Gospel Music’ features a handful of invigorating gospel tracks that have left audiences breathless. Overtaken by the power she puts forth, songs like “I Left the Lord” and “Saved a Wretch Like Me” shine bright amongst the stars. With a soulful and penetrating voice, her delivery lift spirits!

Psalmist Apostle DeAnna Dixon has been away from the gospel scene for the past eight years but she’s back and better than ever. An award-winning performer, she’s taken home the top Gospel prize in both Los Angeles and the Bay Area. She was also nominated for Best Female Artist in Atlanta at the 2011 Gospel Choice Awards. Now that she’s back, she plans on making bigger waves with her signature style.

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Apostle DeAnna Dixon is ready to deliver the rebirth of gospel to the modern era with her first album in eight years, ‘The Re-birth of Ol Sckool Gospel Music,’ available now.

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