Rachel Lee Ann

Rachel Lee Ann

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Rachel Lee Ann is a relatively new artist in the world of the gospel industry. She is however not a new entry into the music industry. She had been singing secular country music for a few years before she decided to dedicate her life to Christ through gospel music. A little thing that many people might not know about her is, in as much as she began her music career in the secular world, she has been inspired by a couple of gospel artists all through. This transition into the gospel music that happened a little over a year ago can, therefore, be seen as a way of getting back to the basics. Now that she has a better understanding of God’s teachings, she wants to continue spreading the good gospel.

She had enjoyed success at her level doing secular music. She was the opening act in some events where huge talents have performed. She is however not that well-known outside her home city. So I believe this change is not about the money. It is about something that is worth more than financial gains, something to help put her heart at peace. She has said over the months that she was doing a lot of soul-searching before she was introduced to gospel music

I see this song, Jesus I adore you, as a way of her telling the world that she belongs to Jesus now. With lyrics such as “I left everything behind” and “Jesus I adore you”, it is evident that she is just stating that she is finally a changed woman. She says what she hopes to achieve through the music is to tell the world about the teachings the Lord is teaching her, and she does not want to forget. Reasons for the change in the type of music she is singing are according to her to try and bring people to a place of worship where they praise God for his Grace and Mercies. She says her music is not about her but rather about sharing the truth about God and inspiring people through the message in the songs.

The song itself is a good one. It was produced by Brian Steckler and co-written by her husband Scott Prentice, who also plays the guitar on this song. It is a little bit slower than the majority of rock songs out there, however, It gives me a soothing feeling just listening to it. Her voice is also the kind of voice that makes me want to listen to her even more. The lyrics are very inspiring. I can relate to whatever she is describing in the song. I can confidently say that she is in the right way of inspiring people through her music. She is working on her EP currently, and I cannot wait to hear the rest of the songs that she has sung. She has said that the EP, which is also a debut in the gospel scene, will be released early next year.

All I can tell fans for now is that Rachel has a lot of promise if she continues releasing such songs.

Review by Charity Leblanc