Ras Shaggai Rises from Hawaii

Ras Shaggai Rises from HawaiiEmitting positive vibes from Hawaii to the Caribbean and back again is Ras Shaggai, a reggae veteran with over 20 years experience in the music industry. Originally from Ohio, the youngster began penning songs by the age of 10 until his solo career exploded in the early 90s throughout St. Croix, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Based upon reggae legends like Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff, Shaggai plays a bouncy, fun, warm style of music, relying on catchy backing vocals and head bobbing rhythms to captivate his listeners. His debut record I Awake became a hit throughout the Caribbean, thanks to bold spiritual themes and excellent use of horns and percussion throughout each track. Fans should expect even hotter, upbeat tunes from Shaggai in the near future as he works on his next exciting record.