RayMinder Reminds You To Pop

RayMinder-reviewRayMinder is a pop artist with a twist from Guam who is ready to make you his biggest fan. “Problems (Don’t You Leave)” has a hook that will get stuck in one’s head for a week’s straight, at least. It’s a rap song with an R&B hook infused into it that’s fit for those who like Top 40 radio. That goes for “Yo Daddy” as well. This one was produced for Kidd Mike V. and has great quality to it; one to be proud of. Kidd Mike V. is back for the urban pop ways of “Just Say I Do,” the Bieber like “Telephone” and encouraging “I Can.” With RayMinder and Kidd, you can only expect radio ready tracks that are fit for anyone who appreciates their pop with an edge. If that’s you, check out RayMinder. (https://soundcloud.com/rayminder)