Review: Ian Guerin: “Irreplaceable” by Julia Volt

The sexy rising R&B/Pop recording artist faces the world with A sophisticated ambience and sensibility in his newest album “Irreplaceable.”

The singer/songwriter hailing from Mexico is destined to make a huge splash with this release and those to follow. His smooth velvet voice and heart felt lyrics makes his release “Irreplaceable”, just irreplaceable.

Guerin already has a string of hits in the U.K. Including “Cry” which came in as the Best R&B Soul Song of the year and “Roll the Dice” coming in as U.K. #1 single. “Free Time” is a four-time award winning single in the UK as well. 

Guerin writes songs from the heart and true-life experiences. An anomaly in the world of R&B Guerin has an underlying flavor to his songs which isn’t often heard. While his lyrics are message driven and romantic it is as if you get to know the artist personally and intimately just by hearing him. Guerin invites you into the most confidential components of his life through his songs. 

I am looking forward to his next release and if it’s as good as “Irreplaceable” his destiny is sealed. Stay tuned to this artist because he is about to get known pretty fast. He is a frequent radio and talk show guest internationally and will continue to flourish in the world of R&B and Pop music. .

Listen to  Ian Guerin on the web:

Ian Guerin Album “Irreplaceable” Streaming

5/5 Stars