Romeo Dance Cheetah – Magnificent Man

Romeo Dance Cheetah – Magnificent Man


The nine songs on Romeo Dance Cheetah’s Magnificent Man certainly promote an unusual sense of humor and a willingness to subvert listener’s expectations to a significant degree. It’s the product of an unique songwriting point of view that mixes a little raunchiness in with straight satire without ever embracing the nastiness that personifies a cruder approach. Despite the obvious simplicity of the songwriting and the plain-spoken lyrical content, there’s an intelligence guiding even the strangest musical and lyrical moments on the album. Cheetah received a great deal of worldwide notice thanks to his appearance on the hit television show America’s Got Talent and the notoriety illustrates that there’s clearly a place at the table for this talented performer. He has his own take on things while still balancing the unique and familiar in an entertaining package. Romeo Dance Cheetah’s Magnificent Man delivers something good to listeners of all ages and sophistication levels.

There really hasn’t been a first class songwriter of this ilk to emerge in sometime, whether on the indie or mainstream scenes. The comedic elements in his songs say things in a way no one else does; a perfect example is the opening song and title cut “Magnificent Man”. This is parody all his own and draws enough blood for listeners to know he’s left his mark, but always stops short of full on savagery. Cheetah, ultimately, wants you to have a good time listening to Magnificent Man and the second song strengthens that theory. “35 Year Olds Dancin’” could really go after the subject matter in its title, but it’s a more unified effort with both lyrics and guitar coming together thanks to Cheetah’s singing. He really digs in deep with the humorous lyrics and gives them a strong percussive quality that fits well with the music. “Party Poopin’” has a huge sound thanks to its practically tribal drums and the production enhances the natural muscular strengths of the song into something mammoth. It’s another song with strong guitars as well and a Cheetah vocal that’s just as hard hitting.

“Porcupine Love” has a lot muscle as well and an even more energetic pace than we heard on the earlier “35 Year Olds Dancin”. The punkier side of Romeo Dance Cheetah’s musical character comes through on songs like this and the aforementioned earlier tune. A genuinely playful and wildly entertaining side of his music comes out on the track “Gone with the Wind” and it even comes complete with an unexpectedly bluesy edge. Another colorful side of his songwriting emerges with the song “1970’s Disco King” and he writes convincingly in this vein while still garnering some laughs from listeners. The final bizarre note on Magnificent Man comes with the decidedly strange lyrics of “Laser Beam Makeup” and his relatively straight delivery of the content makes it all the weirder. Romeo Dance Cheetah’s Magnificent Man is a real winner from beginning to end and keeps surprising you long after you feel like it has surely exhausted that capacity.


Michael Saulman