Ronin’s Debut, ‘Dichotomy’ Rocks It Out

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Holbrook, New York – March 28, 2019 – Like any genre, rock music covers a wide array of styles but those who miss the ways of Alice in Chains and Metallica will appreciate Ronin and their debut, Dichotomy. With this record Ronin plans on bringing hard rock back to the masses.

Dichotomy is over a half hour of raw rock and roll that is one part adrenaline and two parts heart. Listeners can hear the passion Ronin puts forth in not only the composition of each track but the lyrics as well as Chris Feldmann lays it all out in the open on hard-hitting tracks such as “Capsized” and “Valhalla Awaiting.”

Taking inspiration from the aforementioned Metallica and intertwining with current favorites like Avenged Sevenfold, Ronin has found the balance between then and now. They noted, “A current trend we’ve seen in hard rock music is the fact that many songs follow the same formula and patterns, something we are hoping to break away from. In our music, there is a sense of no-nonsense, straightforward rock and roll that will feel familiar to fans of the genre but the mixture with the unique vocals and lyrics will offer a take that feels refreshing.”

Feldmann is no stranger to working his pipes. He has been singing since grade school but picked up the guitar five years ago to add another layer to his musical abilities. As for bassist Andrew Vitale, he started playing a few years ago; and Justin Maas has been mastering the drums since he was a teenager in high school. Currently, the trio is looking to round out their sound with a lead guitarist. Once that spot is filled, they’ll start mapping out a tour in support of Dichotomy.

Released in December 2018, Ronin’s Dichotomy has already received love from 90.1 in New York. Those interested in playing Ronin on their station too can get in touch via the information provided below. The same goes for those interested in featuring Ronin on their site or interviewing the band.


Ronin are keeping hard rock alive with their debut, Dichotomy.

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