Run Downhill

Run Downhill


The latest Release SPURS #2.2. Midnight Road Trip from Run Downhill has fire and a rambling of the soul in a haunting fashion. The Los Angeles band Run Downhill has a timeless unique sound that is reminiscent of the Psychedelic Furs from the eighties. A wanton journey through the eyes of emotion and sound this band has Country Indie Sound down to an art.

Run Downhill’s correlation with graphic art novels that shake drama and move the ground is the perfect pairing making a lasting impression for the imprint of living from a completely different perspective of imagined love and the corruption of men. The loss of innocence is felt in these novels by T.J. Troy and illustrations by Chris McFann. The motion comic that runs as Run Downhill captures the storyline is complete perfection which is accomplished by T.J. Troy and Eddie Young.

“Fever” the first single off of this album shows the depth of heartbreak that one sided love can leave in its wake. The railroad moving beat with tearful melody give us a glimpse inside passion and heartbreak. Vocals combined with this most complimentary backing make for the perfect diamond in the rough of Indie Country.

The lyrics walk out the bleeding heartbreak that pleasure without real love can bring. The burning lust and greed remain behind giving no real satisfaction to the yearning deep inside. The place where innocence began and now only pain remains.

The storyline keeps you wondering the depths of insanity people will run to satisfy the empty void of what is right and what is wrong for their idea of perfect love. The lines are covered by intent and imagined love which is crushed by reality.

Run Downhill captures the emotion of moments bringing us to the depths of heartbreak and despair understanding the motivation of acts that can’t turn back the clock.

“It’s All About The Money” brings us out in the daylight of the story showing us the real intent of the characters caught up in corruption. Money motivates people to bed down with odd fellows with no conscience only greed in mind.

This single shows the depravity of the mindset and the hunt of the score in the Old West. The driving melody and lyrics illustrate hard living and high minded pride that motivated cowboys to their next mark no matter how dangerous the journey these men were always in the pursuit of the perfect crime and escape.

Run Downhill satisfies the desperation that the world feels in this album for a real and lasting love and future. The search for truth in a world full of lies these lyrics paint the picture of passion that brings inconsequential cost to those it captures.

Each track on Spurs #2.2 Midnight Road Trip brings the pallet to a different taste, sight or sound of life lived each day with the losses that it takes us to in death. The separation is felt in this music which is a rare accomplishment. Only a true classic can accomplish this feeling through song.

The beautiful melody and sound drive the storylines home to the heart causing one to want to go to the next chapter to see what happens to the characters. These songs completely convey the depth of emotion even in this sad and insane way that cowboys lived and the corruption of the corporation even in the times past.

Review by Vinca Flowers